Wood burning fireplaces have come a long way over the years. With today’s emission standards there are some great efficient fireplaces to choose from. Design has also come a long way from a traditional style unit to very most modern of design.

At Southern Comfort we can assist you in choosing the right design and heat source that meets all your requirements. And offer services for complete installation for finishing from framing to mantels and stone.

Regency Wood Fireplaces:            https://www.regency-fire.com/en/Products/Wood/Wood-Fireplaces

Valcourt Wood Fireplaces:            https://www.valcourtinc.com/en/

Supreme Wood Fireplaces:           https://www.supremem.com/

Astria Wood Fireplaces:                 http://astria.us.com/products/t/wood-burning-fireplaces

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